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· Never put “CV” or ‘CURRICULUM VITAE’ across top, put your NAME !

· Include all your contact details, you never know how the employer intends to reach you!

· GCSEs can usually be listed as e.g. ‘10 GCSEs including maths and English, at grade A’

· If 2 years since you gained your first degree it is usual to omit GCSEs (unless needed to demonstrate a skill)

· Explain any foreign qualifications and try to give the English equivalent if you can.

· Include voluntary or unpaid work in your work experience.

· You will have gained valuable experiences even from the most “basic” jobs, so be positive – highlight any responsibilities or areas of autonomy you may have had.

· Research, research – you can’t write an effective CV unless you know about the employer and the job.

A Curriculum Vitae (CV) is a personal marketing tool. It is your opportunity to present your qualifications, skills and attributes to the employer in a way that demonstrates your suitability for the job you are applying for.

Whether you’ve got your sights set on changing jobs, winning promotion or regaining employment, your CV is the first impression an employer receives of you, so it’s important to get it right – first impressions count!

What is a CV?

What do I include in my CV ……………..

When writing your CV it is important to tailor it to the post you are applying for. Make sure that you have all your basic details to hand, qualifications, dates and duties of previous posts (for these you could keep a standard basic CV and adjust it each time you apply for a job),

Top Interview Tips

but also keep to hand the job description and person specification which the employer will have supplied you with. You must be able to demonstrate your suitability for the post through your CV and the covering letter which you may send.

CV Layout ……………………………..

It is important that your CV is not too long.

Remember if an employer has a mountain of CV’s to review they will be least likely to look at the longest.

Keep everything concise and aim for clarity and simplicity. Write in “telegraphese” instead of full sentences and make full use of the bold / CAPS and italic functions on your keyboard, they will help you define your CV.

The amount of space you give to something usually suggests how important it is to you and your aspirations. It is usually best to write in reverse chronological order so that you give most weight to recent events and less importance to historical data, but do not leave any time warps! – make sure you account for all time periods. Be consistent about chronological order if you use it.

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